Christ Church Peregrine news from Dave Pearce

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Many thanks to Dave Pearce for once again providing us with his year summary of the activities of the Christ Church Peregrines. Download this Word document for all the news from Dave, including photos and links to videos.

Dave has also sent us the story of ‘Lonely’, the little wayward male Peregrine chick. Download this Word document to read all about him.


Northern Goshawk, the phantom of the forest, an illustrated talk by Steve Watson

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On Friday, 16th November Steve Watson will be giving an illustrated talk on Goshawks. Steve will cover the natural history of the goshawk, including its ecology, population dynamics, biology, foraging, courtship and breeding behaviour.

This event is organised by the Forest of Dean Group of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. Entry is £2 and tickets are available on the door.  Click here for further information.

Project Owl: GRMG Winter Talk

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Tawny Owl
Tawny Owl (c) Andrew Bluett

Our first talk of the 2018/19 winter period will be on Wednesday November 14th 2018 when we have Hugh Hanmer from the British Trust for Ornithology. Hugh is the leader of the BTO’s Project Owl, so do come along to hear about this amazing group of raptors – and also find out how you can help with Project Owl, which is a major initiative over several years to study our owl populations, their habits and habitats. You’ll also find out more about how GRMG are helping owls in the county.

Venue: Ribston Hall High School, Gloucester, GL1 5LE
Time 7:30pm (doors 7:00pm)

Tickets are limited and you will need to bring an electronic copy (or paper copy, though electronic is preferred) of your ticket on the evening. For this event we have opted for a ‘donation’ style ticketing service allowing you to choose the price of your ticket. We hope that this talk will prove to be a successful fundraiser – the money raised will be divided between GRMG and the BTO specifically for Project Owl. Tickets for our previous talks sell for around £5 per ticket – there’s a basic £5 price to make it easier when buying more than one ticket. Full details and tickets can be found here – we look forward to seeing you there.

Our second talk will be ‘Falcons’ with New Naturalist author Richard Sale on January 30th 2019 – full details will be available shortly but please save the date!

More details about Project Owl can found here.

Tewkesbury Abbey’s Peregrines

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Untitled-1Since the first Peregrine was seen at the abbey tower in 2011, this year they have bred to produce a single chick – Paddington. The story of Alice, Bella, Christopher Robin and Paddington – the Peregrines of Tewkesbury Abbey can be read here (Word document).

Ravens 2018

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Raven (c) Mark A Hope

The beginning of the nesting season always starts with “Raven time”.
Ravens are early nesters often having eggs by mid-February.
This season has been a mixed affair with some clutches abandoned due to the severe weather, possibly cutting off food supplies rather than affecting the nest itself, several pairs had a second go with some abandoning the second attempt for reasons that are not clear. At least two others succeeded in their second attempts.
A number of nests were right on time following the usual pattern, and obviously weathered the storms, which makes trying to attribute weather only to failures difficult. It is tempting to assume the successful nests had food sources unaffected by weather, but it is only supposition and we have no direct evidence for that. Two nests only managed to produce a single youngster.

The radical otherness of birds

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One of our supporters has drawn our attention to this superb piece of writing by American novelist and columnist Jonathan Franzen. It’s about why birds matter and although many of the references are to New World species, the sentiments are universal.

Early season surveying

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Scott Marshall has written some notes from the field detailing some of his experiences during surveying early in the breeding season. Click here to read (Word doc).