Month: July 2015

Recommended reading

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bookshopThe GRMG book shop has opened its doors. In fact, what we’ve really done is create an affiliation with Amazon whereby they pay us a small percentage in commission for sales that we generate. The books are sold by, and shipped by, Amazon. The prices remain the same as the usual Amazon prices, but your purchase also comes with a warm fuzzy feeling that not only will you be receiving a pristine new book in the post, but you’ll be helping your county’s raptors in the process. Members of the GRMG team have selected some recommended reading of our own, which are now listed on our shop page, and as more of us submit our own picks, hopefully there will be something to suit everyone. Please note that our affiliate plan with Amazon is not restricted to these books only – in fact, anything that you buy through Amazon can benefit GRMG, as long as you start your shopping by using this Amazon link.


Hobby season update

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(c) Rob Husbands
Hobby chicks (c) Rob Husbands

We are now ringing the young Hobbies from nests found earlier in the year. Two broods have been ringed so far, with another three to do, plus the possibility of further nests still to be found. Now is a good time again to look for signs of breeding Hobbies, such as food carrying, hunting near concentrations of food such as martin colonies, swallow roosts, etc. In open farmland look for the female on a prominent dead stick in an otherwise healthy tree, on guard near the nest. Wait and watch, and all will be revealed in time.